Hi! I am Laura and I want you to know a little more about my personal universe.

I consider myself maker of dreams, sculptor of ideas, lover of nature and tireless seeker of the original.

I have always been passionate about the artistic universe of jewelry. I would spend my summers in a pottery workshop close to home, I would see art where anyone else could see clutter, and I enjoyed it.

As a child I saw the opportunity to create flashes of light and color from pieces of broken glass that I picked up from the ground. I colored them and I was fascinated with the brightness that was generated when the rays of the sun fell on them.

My inspiration has always been nature.

Laura Jorge

He observed insects, collected seeds, drew birds, carved shapes in wood, and stained them. Everything in miniature. He modeled in clay and transformed copper and paper into tiny sculptures.

All the elements were worth to me and I could not be still.

I loved being surrounded by nature. I always thought that I wish my creations could reflect their beauty.

My imagination has never had limits.

I can transform any matter into something much more beautiful. Contemplate the stones. Weld and listen to the metal. Draw without thinking and admire the shapes that appear for hours.

In leaves, flowers, branches and other natural forms I see potential models that I later immortalize giving life to unique works.

I bet on making my dreams come true and creating a fantasy world that has been the hallmark of my studio from the beginning, located in the heart of the city of Burgos.

My great challenge: to be contemporary and timeless at the same time.

For me, every day is a fantastic adventure in which I can make the dreams of those people who trust my work come true. My story is woven through my clients, their desires drive me to convert and transform jewels into true fetish pieces.

"Life goes on as long as there is a new story to listen to every night" said Sherezade in The Thousand and One Nights.

In my creative universe you will find fantasy and innovation, exclusive jewelry, jewelry that tells stories, jewelry with a soul. Sometimes custom pieces; always true works of art in miniature.

Fascinating collections, conceived with intention and honesty, exclusively using top quality materials that have the power to make those who own them special, giving them distinction and authenticity.

Handmade, they reveal the unique and genuine personality of those who choose them to become their fetish pieces.

8 reasons to enter my creative universe

  • Because in my workshop I can create the piece you want and only you understand.

  • Because I will be able to make a magical piece that will have the power to transport you inside, where your dreams are born.

  • Because I will transform that family jewel by giving it your own style, but preserving the spirit of its former owners.

  • Because I will bring freshness to your obsolete pieces so that you will love them again, I will make you fall in love with them again.

  • Because I have all kinds of precious and semi-precious stones, even those that you have never heard of, brought from all corners of the world, for you.

  • Because 20 years of experience make me your best guide to advise you on the creation of the piece that symbolizes your greatest passion.

  • Because through my passion, which is my profession, I have learned the importance of overcoming fear, pursuing my ideas and giving life to all those dreams that were so struggling to materialize and come true.

  • Because you are in the right place and once you become part of my world, you will not want to leave.