Laura Jorge, artistic jewelry. Jewels that are pure art.

From Laura Jorge we believe that any jewel is possible to create as long as the idea of what you want to represent in it is available so that we can always carry it with us: a feeling, a symbol, a memory ...

To do this, in this section of Genuine Parts, We want to offer you two general options to be able to obtain that unique, personal and special jewel for you:


A 100 mark% Spanish with two decades of history that was born from the deep admiration of its creator for the purest forms and her ability to create jewels that can be treasured as authentic fetishes.

Laura Jorge has created a fantasy world that from the beginning is the hallmark of her studio, located in the heart of the city of Burgos.

In its creative universe we find fantasy and innovation, exclusive jewels, jewels that tell stories, jewels with soul. Sometimes custom pieces; always true works of art in miniature.