Pendientes colgantes con bajorrelieve bebé y anciano


Hanging earrings with bas-relief baby and old man made in 750 thousandth gold (previously 18 carats). Inspired by some sketches of Dürer.

Very comfortable and very significant. They talk about the continuous cycle of life, birth and death.

Piece designed and made by hand in my workshop in Burgos, in Spain.

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100% designed and handmade in Spain.

Made in Gold 750 thousandths (previously known as 18 carats), acid pickling.

Dürer he has some wonderful sketches that I turned into bas-reliefs.

I hand carved a beautiful miniature baby. He is suckling. Is a tribute to mothers.

And on the other I made a bas-relief of an old man's face in profile.

I want to symbolize birth and death, so that we can value life remembering both moments.

It is a wonderful gift for a mother, in gratitude for everything.

Diameter: 11mm.

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Pendientes colgantes con bajorrelieve bebé y anciano