Chalcedony and Tourmalines earrings


Different and special at the same time, they do not go unnoticed. Gold-plated polished Silver 925mls earrings, with flowers of Chalcedony, Helquimer Quartz and Tourmalines. Dimensions: 62x24mm

One of a kind


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100% designed and handmade in Spain.

Experience the difference and uniqueness with our 925mls Polished Sterling Silver Vermeil Earrings. This jewelry is a unique combination of Chalcedony flowers, a Helichrysum Quartz and Tourmalines.

Every detail of these earrings is designed to not go unnoticed. The Chalcedony brings a touch of elegance, the Helchimer Quartz adds a special luminosity, and the Tourmalines offer a captivating play of colors.

These earrings are a perfect choice for those looking for something special and unique. Carry the beauty of gemstones and exceptional craftsmanship with you on every occasion.

Discover the difference with our Polished Silver Vermeil Earrings - get yours and stand out with elegance and uniqueness!

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