The focus of the study is to investigate the specific nature of each project and tailor a design response to meet the aspirations of the individual client, the characteristics of the piece, and the detailed requirements of the future owner of that jewel.

Laura jorge's designs, ranging from prehistoric classicism to the contemporary glamor of minimalism, bear witness to the extraordinary versatility of the brand

Laura's designs include a wide variety of objects: lamps, chairs, rugs, dishes, fountains, etc., and even her own essencesHe continues to work tirelessly, following his passion for high-quality design and a job well done.

It is that of integral jewelry, from active listening to the client to make the piece that fits with their desire, with their need to make a very special gift, to make a re-love with the pieces that they no longer use, through a transformation into the one that tells me if you prefer a ring, pendant or earrings in which to preserve part of that piece of the past but transformed.

  • I work making small sculptures.

  • I do nature collections.

  • Pieces with natural stones and sustainable gold