Pagan angel engraved coins tiara


This tiara is a unique model, formed by small coins with angel motifs engraved on each coin, made of brass. * This tiara can be made to order in other materials (silver, silver with gold bath and even yellow or pink 750mls gold) and with other finishes (gloss, matt, aged ...) 30 days required for its completion. Size: 12x133mm diameter.

Delivery time 30 to 40 days


We ship worldwide.


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100% designed and handmade in Spain.

Immerse yourself in history with our Roman Coin Tiara, a uniquely designed piece. This tiara, made of bronze, is a masterpiece that evokes the grandeur of the Roman Empire.

Best of all, you can customize it according to your preferences. Choose from materials such as silver, gold-plated silver or even 750mls yellow or rose gold, and you can opt for finishes such as shiny, matte or antiqued to give it an even more special touch.

Please note that it takes 30 days to make this work of art by hand in our workshop in Burgos, Spain, where every detail is taken care of with passion and craftsmanship.

Carry a piece of history and style with you with this customizable tiara.

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Pagan angel engraved coins tiara