Checkerboard cufflinks


Unique piece Agate and Lapislazuli gems in checkerboard articulated cufflinks made of 750mls sandblasted yellow gold lined and signed behind. Size: 19,33x19,25mm


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100% designed and handmade in Spain.

Explore uniqueness with our Articulated Cufflinks in 750mls Yellow Sandblasted Gold. Each pair is lined and signed on the back, guaranteeing authenticity.

The cufflinks stand out with elegance thanks to the Agate and Lapis Lazuli gemstones arranged in a checkerboard pattern. Measuring 19.33x19.25mm, these cufflinks make the perfect style statement.

Each piece is designed and handcrafted in our workshop in Burgos, Spain, where craftsmanship combines with quality to bring you exceptional jewelry.

Carry Spanish uniqueness and craftsmanship with you with these one-of-a-kind cufflinks.

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