I have created within the web a space called "GENUINE PIECES" (opened to registered clients) where I showcase some of my most special pieces of jewelry created throughout my artistic career.  A sort of "museum" display where you can see Masterpieces, Drops of Sensitivity, Pure joy, Reinvented Archaeology, Contemporary Geometry...

Some of these jewels are available and others are already sold but I show them as ideas and inspiration of what is possible to create.  


This Masterpiece THE BROOCH BUBBLES FROM THE BOTTOM... a quasi-architectural creation due to its technical complexity, design and execution. My clients had natural Thai sapphires and gave me total creative freedom to design and create for them a unique work of art. 

Video: 750 yellow gold Brooch, mediterranean Noble Coral and natural Sapphires from Thailand.  


"Drops of sensitivity" is a gallery where the gemstones are "the cornerstone" of each creation. Remarkable colors and beautiful shapes... sometimes impossible color combinations full of harmony, seduction and gentleness.

 Bailarina anillos de esmeraldas y morganita 2_P1080608.JPG

Photos: 1.Dancer with beryls, Yellow gold, Emeralds and Diamonds Ring, white Gold and Morganite (pink beryl) Ring. 2. Earrings: 750 Pink Gold, pink Tourmaline cabochons and brilliant cut Indigolites.


Adventurous sizes, shapes, colors... jewels that are Pure Joy... pieces in motion, brave contrasts... like this example below. There were endless possibilities to work with this amazing boulder opal, and yet, I have preferred to respect its intrinsic beauty and combine it with a tourmaline to create a "simple" pendant, so anyone can dive into its depth and colors. 

Colgante_opalo__IGP1733.jpg IMG_20220216_162633.jpg

Photos: 1. Pendant: 650 pink Gold, Australian boulder Opal, Tourmaline cabochon. 40x35mm aprox. 2. Drawings and sketches.


A gallery where you are going to find reproductions, reinterpretations, reuse of ancient techniques altering elemtns of archaeological jewels.

Colgante de moneda romana original con orla de diamantes

Photo: Ancient roman coin Pendant, 750 yellow gold, diamond frame, multicolor natural sapphires choker.


Pure lines, compact volume and geometry created with color...


Photo: Pendant, yellow Gold, Rutilated Quartz and Diamonds.


Plant, Animal and Mineral Kingdoms coexist in harmony in each of these genuine pieces.

Anillo hormiga comedora de hojas, turmalina sandía         Broche escarabajo ópalo boulder y rubelita

Photos: left, "Leaf eating ant" Ring, yellow Gold and Silver, 30.10ct slice Watermelon Tourmaline and 3.3ct green Tourmaline.  Right. Brooch Pendant, 2ct Rubelite, 11.75ct boulder opal.  

Geoda-Calcita-Berbes.jpg Extraordinarios pendientes de morganitas de 25k 

Photos (left to right): Calcite geoda from Berbes (Asturias, Spain); extraordinary Earrings, 25ct Morganites, Paraiba Tourmalines, yellow Sapphires, Peridots and Fancy Diamonds; globular Malachite