The studio is a place I have conceived and created to be close to nature and to my inner self.  A friendly and harmonious refuge that gives peace. Here I give design answers and solutions to the various creative projects I get involved with, I exhibit my most sublime pieces, I meet with clients…

This place has been in itself a great research, creation, self-knowledge and self-improvement project. It is still in evolution and it changes everyday.

A marble fountain simulates the sound of the water stream… the balcony full of plants and trees brings the fabulous plant kingdom to the city… embedded pearls can be seen on the floor… on celing and walls, whimsical forms, allegories of a lake with lilies on the bank and river stones.

Fire, water, air, ether and earth… all elements present.

It is my creative universe, where the pieces that will take you to your inner self appear, where dreams are born.

Original jewelry shop in Burgos, Spain Achitectural embellishment projects, Spain Laura Jorge, artist sculptor in Burgos, Spain Laura Jorge, multifaceted artist in Spain. Jewelry, sculptures, architectural embellishment

Details from walls and ceiling. 

Limited editions of nature themed jewelry, handmade Spain Spanish handmade fine jewelry. Natural gemstones

Limited edition pieces. Nature collections.