Hola Living creative door handles

Hola Living - March 2022

Featured in the article  "MI DÍA A DÍA EN UN PALACIO" (Adriana Iglesias) a pair of bronze sculptural handles I created for one piece of furniture, in collaboration with interior designer and decorator Sandra Esteban (Sesdeco).


CondeNast Traveller Spain jeweler

Condé Nast Traveler 2021

"LAURA JORGE designs fine jewellery that takes you where your inner self needs to go! By treating the materials with respect each piece is designed to bring love and joy to those who wear them! Stytistically the brand is a harmony of opposites. It is baroque minimalism. Geometric and organic all at the same time.

Condé Nast Traveler - Spanish organic jewelry Condé Nast Traveler - Diseñadora de joyas orgánicas  Joyería que te lleva donde tu interior necesita ir

Laura Jorge en el Correo de Burgos

Correo de Burgos, 2018

"LONELINESS IS A VERY GENEROUS MUSE...silence is its soundtrack" - Read the interview in this link below: 

 Laura Jorge Interview - Correo de Burgos

Condé Nast Traveler - Spanish organic jewelry


Nature and organic jewels spain

Osaca Magazine- May 2011

Laura Jorge -  Nature inspired Jewelry. The best pieces of this goldsmith from Burgos. Article published in Osaca Magazine in May 2011. Click in the image below to download the article. (spanish only)

Laura Jorge Joyería Natural

Revista Gold and Time

Gold & Time, 2002

After exhibiting my work in Iberjoya (Ifema, Madrid) in 2002, Gold & Time, (magazine specialised in jewelry, gemology, goldsmithing and related, publised an article about my creations.  

Revista Gold&Time, orfebrería, joyería, gemologia y afines Revista Gold&Time, orfebrería, joyería, gemologia y afines 


Susana sancho - 03/06/2018 - Burgos

Laura makes precious and precise jewels using raw material with such art and lightness that you immediately notice that you are privileged to wear a piece of hers on your skin. Apart from the quality and extreme beauty of her compositions, Laura knows how to give it that "magic touch", which will turn your design into a talisman. Every time I have acquired a jewel from Laura in my life, incredible things have happened. If you want to give yourself a good gift or give it to someone you love madly, a Laura jewel will always be up to the task. Recommended 1000%.

Marusela Valderrama

Marusela Valderrama - 03/13/2018 - Burgos

Walking down Calle Laín-Calvo, I was struck by the entrance of his store and as I approached to look, his window captivated me. It was a jewelry, earrings, bracelets and necklaces of natural stones, most of them semi-precious, along with pearls and other precious stones mounted in original designs of plant and animal origin. Laura's Jewels are pieces of art to wear. I think she loves nature, contemplates it carefully and enjoys it. This inspires her and reflects it in her creations. Leaves, flowers, branches, and small insects that live on those branches and flowers. On one occasion I ordered a necklace for my sister, it was a special celebration and she loves aquamarines. When I went to pick up the gift, I found a beautiful aquamarine necklace with butterflies interspersed, which gave it a touch of distinction. You can find a long pearl necklace, in which placing a flower brooch like Laura suggests you light the necklace in different ways that dress you according to the occasion. You can enhance your beauty with her earrings and she will know after talking with you, which ones will be better for you if they are for you, or which ones will suit the person you want to give as a gift. I love to visit your store, I always discover something new. Now with your website we will have your pieces at our fingertips from anywhere. Keep creating Laura!

Rebeca Gonzalez - 09/30/2013 -

Both the alliances and the headdress that I wore were made for us, the precious alliances and she added the details we wanted. The headdress was wonderful, I had three butterflies in my silver hair that I love. The earrings that had been an engagement gift are a jewel really designed by my husband with Laura, and the rest of the earrings that I wore as I wanted them. A great artist who does not disappoint.

Manuel Garcia

Manuel Garcia - 02/05/2018 -

Very good professional. From the first moment, it was right with what we were looking for. I recommend it 100% it has been very worth hiring her. It has a wide variety of jewelry to choose from and you are sure to find something that fits you. Thanks a lot.

María Jorge

Maria Jorge - 02/02/2018 -

I can only say that she is a true professional. She knows exactly what you need, impeccable in her work and meticulous. The headdress of the hair caused a sensation in all my guests and the earrings fit my personality. Alliances are exactly what my husband was looking for and my engagement ring is spectacular. I recommend 100 services% by Laura Jorge Joyas when we have the information.

Ana Blanca - 11/12/17 - Google Reviews

If you want something different this is the place. Jewels made with exquisite and original taste. The gift is always right. And Laura is a very special person, like everything she does.

Oihane Sanchez - 01/07/2018 - Google Reviews

The treatment is wonderful and very close, I am very happy she is a professional.

Belen Gomez

Belen Gomez - 03/06/2018 - Dominican Republic

Laura's art crosses borders. I met Laura and her little tempt, when my sister and my friend gave me some fantastic pieces on the occasion of a past birthday. Living far away, I have never been able to celebrate it in time. They wanted it to be something special to feel nostalgic and to always have a reason to want to return to the place of origin. They were earrings in aged silver, like a Fleur de Lis from which a pearl hung and a brooch in the shape of a broken spider with the body also in pearl,… .. fantastic!, And that I premiered in one of the most special moments of my professional career: "The Gala Dinner of the 50th Anniversary of the Hotel El Embajador", the most emblematic of the city of Santo Domingo. Both pieces looked deadly in combination with the "vintage" red dress. They made me feel regal. Someone asked me if they belonged to any of my ancestors. At that time I thought it made a certain sense, remembering Laura's little shop, which sanctuary full of precious stones, strategically placed as a mark of the art of Feng Shui, radiating luminosity and energy. Since then, there have been many special moments in which I have been able to wear these and other garments that I have continued to buy as an art collector. Laura has transformed wonderful pieces and has given meaning to others, which… .. if it had not been for that simplicity and pragmatism that define her, I would not have made my return home for vacation a must!

Delma Vicario

Delma Vicario - 04/03/2018 - Burgos

I especially like the earrings she makes about Laura's work because they fit very well with my style. I love the way you combine precious stones and precious metals. They are pieces that distinguish their creator. His shop is a small paradise of light and artistic creation in the historic center of Burgos that brings value and talent to the city.


Teresa Ruiz - 03/19/2018 - Burgos

I love the idea of being able to have something totally original. I buy here all my jewelry pieces, besides, I really like their style and their good treatment, so I always come back. I really like her artistic streak and her creations, but without a doubt, what I love about her is that she never loses her simplicity and close relationship with clients, which is why I always recommend her work to my sisters and all my friends. That it is an indigenous product of my city gives it added value, since I always try to promote what is ours.

Mercedes Díaz

Mercedes Diaz - 04/11/2018 - Burgos

I come here because I think he has the soul of an artist. I just retired and told my colleagues to come and buy me the gift. I assumed that she would indicate them well and they have really hit the mark. I love amethysts as a stone and they chose a complete and personalized dressing with that stone in different sizes and shades. You have made the right choice and I will continue to come to Laura until she retires.

Ana María

Ana Maria - 03/23/2018 - Burgos

When I arrived in Burgos to live, I couldn't get them to get my stones set right. I did not like the designs. The way of working was of very low quality, a disaster. One day I decided to go into Laura's store, and since then my "pebbles" have become jewels thanks to her. Now, every time I find a mineral that I like, I go back to his shop and I am always delighted with the result.

Helena Garcia - 09/14/2017 -

We wanted different alliances, that had a finish that we did not find in serial jewelers, we wanted them to be personalized. And we found what we were looking for in his workshop, in rose gold with a sandblasted effect that we love, a jewel.