Grooms looking for a special engagement ring, couples who want unique alliances, travelers with gems brought from distant countries or those who want to give a new life to an inherited jewel. My workshop is open to any wish that you want to keep forever with you

I do not make 3d prototyping or molds. The process of creating each piece that makes each one unique, its forging, its blows, its casting, is important to give it symbolism, so that it passes from my hands to yours. In the blog you can see the stories behind many of them

In my workshop I turn stories into jewelry

A brooch? Cufflinks? Earrings? think about which piece you think is made for you and let's talk

Telling stories through jewelry.

All the jewels that come out of my workshop have a meaning, a purpose for which they were created. They are pieces that tell stories, created from a conversation

And there is the magic, in how I turn cold materials like gold into stories, into personal objects that only you will understand, regardless of anything or anyone else.

I seek beauty through simplicity and nature, and therefore, all the pieces are delicate in appearance but loaded with essence and feeling.

“Jewelry opened a world of details and hidden meanings for me. I discovered the powerful symbolic charge that these small objects keep "