Among my jewellery, you will find a collection of wonderful gems, stones, crystals and minerals. Each of them possesses its own beauty and uniqueness, adding a special touch to every piece I create.

Within my selection, you will find precious and semi-precious gems in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some are polished, exuding a dazzling brilliance, while others are cut into unique shapes that bring out their natural characteristics.

Baroque stones, with their irregular and organic shape, add a rustic and unique charm to the jewellery. Their imperfections are part of their beauty and give them a distinctive character.

Some stones may have blemishes or inclusions, which are evidence of their natural formation. These characteristics add an authenticity and a history to the gemstones, showing their origin in the depths of the earth.

I also offer you clean and transparent gemstones, which stand out for their purity and clarity. These stones allow light to filter through them, creating captivating sparkles and reflections.

Each gemstone you choose for your next piece will be carefully selected and treated with the respect it deserves. You will have the freedom to choose the stone that most appeals to you and best represents your style and personality.

Come and immerse yourself in the beauty and diversity of the gems that adorn my jewellery. I will guide you through the selection process and show you all the wonders these gemstones have to offer. Together, we will create a unique and meaningful piece that you will wear with pride.


Dendritic quartz gemstone beautiful spinels gemstones Tanzanite gemstones Peridots Rhodolite garnet Rose Quartz chrysoprase oval stone

Emeralds dendritic quartz with lodolite aquamarine and turquoise Rubellite tourmaline Spessartite garments or tangerine heart shape garments octagon cut tanzanite

cabochon rutilated quartz imperial kunzite and topaz swiss blue topaz watermelon tourmalines rhodochrosite drops chrysoprase cabochon Green amethyste prasiolite , oval and pear cut

sky blue topaz and swiss blue topaz, cusion, pear and oval cuts emerald cabochons tourmalinated quartz baltic amber pear cut tanzanites and heart shape emeralds pink sapphire oval cut lodolite quartz

30 carat Heliodor , Golden Beryl 5x5 tanzanites brilliant cut quartz with pyrite aguamarines, octagone, oval and princess cut Turquoises Iran, Arizona and Tibet red rutilated quartz brilliant cut rubies 

bicolor verdelite tourmaline south sea pearls spessartite garnet oval cut spessartite garnet swiss blue topaz, sky blue topaz, cushion, oval and pear cut negative quartz tsavorite garnet brilliant cut

Imperial topaz rough cabochon rubies fancy diamonds brilliant cut 24ct kunzite gemstone round and trillion cut topaz gemstone Thai rubies gemstones, cabochons tourmalinated quartz (graffiti) gemstones

Topazes, spinels, aquamarines, citrines, amethysts, diamonds, sapphires, lapis lazuli, emeralds, chalcedony, dendritic quartz, tanzanites, turquoises, garnets, spessartites, amber, rhodalites, rubellites, watermelon tourmalines... contact me vía whatsapp or book an appointment to see them and choose the one you want for your next piece of jewelry.