Safety Pin Silver Aged Night Butterfly


925 sterling silver safety pin with night butterfly, made of solid antique silver, 925 mils.

Available parts of the limited series


We ship worldwide.


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100% designed and handmade in Spain.

The safety pin with night butterfly is an elegant and sophisticated piece of jewellery that stands out for its detailed design and careful finish. Crafted in solid 925 sterling silver, this safety pin features a night butterfly design that will suit any style and occasion. The handcrafted finish of the piece gives it a touch of distinction and exclusivity. You can wear it as a brooch to add an elegant touch to your outfit, or as a decoration for your hair or accessories. It is a perfect gift for any nature and fashion lover. Discover the night butterfly safety pin and experience elegance and style in one piece of jewellery.

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Safety Pin Silver Aged Night Butterfly