Diamond earrings, GIA, color D, EEE,


We should all have diamond earrings and these couldn't be more ideal. Not only will you want to wear them every day, but they will also be the ones your daughters will want to wear tomorrow. 0.34 ct and 0.33 ct respectively. Both with GIA certificate, color D, and VS1, Excellent, Excellent, Excellent, Excellent quality.


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100% designed and handmade in Spain.

It is often said that a diamond seals a pure love, it symbolizes the gratitude we feel towards another person for having had a child, for loving us, for being such a good friend, companion...

Diamonds are given as a gift at important events in our lives, such as a wedding, a proposal of marriage, when you overcome an illness, when you retire, when you recognize a merit. And also when you want to reward yourself for something. Then it is a stone full of symbolism.

The diamond is a symbol of purity.

To which it is attributed properties such as bonding, bringing love and clarity to a relationship. It is said to enhance a husband's love for his wife, and is considered a sign of commitment and fidelity.The diamond has been a symbol of wealth for thousands of years, and is one of the manifestation stones that attracts abundance. The larger the diamond, the more abundance it generates.

  The earrings I am proposing are impressive for diamonds. They are 0.34ct and 0.33ct in weight respectively. Both with GIA certificate, D color, and Excellent, Excellent, Excellent quality.

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Diamond earrings, GIA, color D, EEE,